Kami 08: Set W 154+35 cm D 51 cm

Kami 08

Set W 154+35 cm D 51 cm
Designer: R&D MastellaDesign
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Product Details: Kami 08, Set W 154+35 cm D 51 cm by Mastella

Kami is characterized by an extreme modularity: you can even design your own modules. It allows you to mix and match carcasses and fronts with different materials and finishes. Kami has three types of opening: handle, pull out, gola. Kami offers proposals with added values, with no comparison with others on the market. Kami is a bathroom furniture programme with deep roots, developed and implemented over the years with great attention to quality: a core value Mastella has always been committed to.

6 cm console in Frassino Moro.
YakIn basin in Mak Mat.
Sides and fronts in Ruggine Mat.
Gola in Ruggine Mat.
Tall unit in Ruggine Mat with mirrored-door.
Mocap unit in Frassino Moro with back in Ruggine Mat.
Giò mirror.
Qube lamp.
BrioMaxi towel rail.

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