Brescia - Italy

Xam is the new brand of the historical company Classicmobil. In 1964 the brothers Ascanio and Andrea Bernardelli open the workshop Classicmobil, for the production of brass beds and furnishings for the Italian market; in the 70's, the transformation of a real and proper industry, requires the realisation of a new productive pole in 1971. The contestant style research and the cooperation with important architects of this sector, as architect Meringhi and architect Ferrero, and an internationalisation through the annual participation to over 30 years of important exhibitions, such as the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan, High Point USA and IMM fair in Cologne, builds and establishes the reputation of Classmobil as a high quality company on a worldwide level.

The arrival in the company of the new generation with Marco and Anna, signs in 2007 a turn to contemporary design; Xam starts when Anna decided to create her "ideal bed" she couldn't finding it in the vast contemporary production; through her deep knowledge in the metal field and experience matured in the structural projects of beds, she created "hers"...which soon became to be the first item of the Xam collection, with the name "One" and with this the birth of Xam; starting with a collection where the bed is contemporary and up-to-date over the years the collection has expanded, affecting the whole field of the interior design.

Xam today uses all the know how that in 40 years the leading company Classicmobil has achieved across the use of top quality materials, high qualified finishings and fittings with the aim to reach the excellence of the production of the product, just as once was required for the preciousness of brass.

Black Paper by Stefania Pellegrinelli

Xam's market reference is a medium-high trade level, for which the object does not have the only and reductive function to furnish, but most of all, to reflex its identity, its way of being and to contemplate and to exalt the architectural space: it's required to have a soul; the creations that are proposed, are not wanted to be tied to fashion, the temporary styles are rarely visible; for this reason the designers who cooperate with the company, are chosen with extreme cure, according to the deep affinity with Xam's formal language every reflexion and creative passage, are achieved within its own designer section.

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