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Since 1984 Voltolina has been synonymous with Crystal and Murano Glass, firstly in the market of crystal components, and then, since 1995, as a complete lighting manufacturer. Starting from the ideas and projects of our designers and our technical studio, we manufacture our products within our factories and sell our creations all over the world, always striving to produce the best quality, using our own crystal and Murano Glass. Most Voltolina chandeliers that have arms are manufactured using our “Leonardo System”, an international revolutionary patent, which allows a quick, safe and certified assembly of the chandelier. Our “Leonardo System” is greatly appreciated by all our customers, especially Interior Designers and Hotels, due to the easy assembly and easy cleaning it offers, which only Voltolina chandeliers have.


Our mission is to produce exquisite light fittings by combining handicraft and manual dexterity with the elegant, Timeless Design that only Crystal and Murano Glass can promise. Although our prices are very competitive, the attention and care given to our products, the exacting production processes and quality standards, ensure that they are the same quality and standard as other more expensive luxury products. When we talk about Timeless Design we believe this refers to a product which shouldn’t be subject to fashionable trends, but a product that, through the beautiful and elegant design and its high quality, could be sold and envied by our customers and competitors Forever.

Our clientele is very varied, with a wide range of customers from Retailers to Interior Design Studios and then to Private customers and Hotel Groups. The choice of our products can be found in our printed or electronic catalogues, through the Website, or discussing directly with our team to develop a Unique, bespoke product, tailor-made to your requirements. The price range is constructed in the way that the value and the quality of the articles are much higher than the cost to the final customer. Often our customers are pleasantly surprised by the attractive price.


Our vision is in extreme contrast to the general market, we don’t look for very high revenues over a short time period, but our aim is to build a strong business relationship with our high quality customers, with whom we can improve the Brand and the Sales in a Sustainable way. An aspect that we would like to focus on is the Human Factor, now more than ever we must aim to work and collaborate with people who are reliable, ethically correct and with whom it is a pleasure to work. They should be similar to us, and precisely because we don’t focus on revenue as the first aim, it must be a pleasure to collaborate with them.

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