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Established back in 1969, Trabaldo Srl has imposed itself on the furniture market as one of the leading companies producing wood-metal’s tables, chairs, and complements. The cooperation with famous designers has distinguished the history of the company from the very beginning, and has always guided the evolution of the products, following the road of originality, elegance and quality with no compromise. High quality standard, close attention to design and commercial professionalism are the ingredients that gave Trabaldo its success in Italy and abroad as one of the most qualified operators of the sector. The company’s policy consist in joing traditional manufacturer skylls with modern industrial organisation, in order to meet the needs of the markets word-wide, with products always elegant and up to date. The company is structured in order to entirely manage all the phases of the working procedure, from raw materials to the staining, thus to keep an identical standard and ensure wide possibilities of personalisation. Care for details, personal design, careful selection of materials, continuous technology development and maximum attention to customer satisfaction, distinguishing from over 48 years the policy of the company on the market, and make Trabaldo’s products an ideal choice both for domestic furnishing and contract.

TrabA’ is the new project born in 2015 in cooperation with architect Emilio Nanni.

Kirk sofa and Aki side tables by Emilio Nanni

Functional, genuine furniture inspired by Scandinavian design. Perfect sizes, even for smaller areas. Modular systems for free compositions. Tangible quality, visible in the care with which the furniture is produced, in its ease of use, and in its versatility and warmth. Clean lines that are free from the shackles of fashion, making room for an individual style and an authentic way of living each space. This is the philosophy of TrabA', with a cross-cutting collection of tables and chairs for domestic and contract environments aimed at an international audience.

While firmly rooted in the pursuit of quality craftsmanship, the collection experiments with new shapes and materials. The lines are clean and the materials natural, with wood predominating. The colours are muted and neutral. The shapes are rounded, with woven elements. In addition to its complete range of chairs and tables, the new Luxury line of fabric and leather upholstery.

Balù XL-Met, Balù -Met and Aki-Met table by Emilio Nanni

Another interesting feature is the recent addition of Massimo Broglio to the TrabA' team.

Over the years, the work of the renowned architect and designer has become more and more multi-faceted, ranging from architectural projects to interior and industrial design. Intersection, innovation and pragmatism are the leitmotivs of the style of Massimo Broglio, who has designed his Edith chair in line with the spirit that has always been the hallmark of TrabA'.

Edith chairs by Massimo Broglio

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