TB Marmi

Ancona - Italy

People who have worked in the company in the last 50 years have put their soul into the working of stone, the oldest among building and decoration materials. Their job is only for those who love beauty and are sensitive to the patterns of nature.The passion they have is what gives them the chance to look inside the grain, the inner part of the matter. TB Marmi's 50 years history allows them to give life to that shape, in order to meet the technical and practical needs that human beings seek and experiment in the world of architecture, furniture and design, luxury yachting and sacred art.

TB Marmi has been partners with Antolini Luigi & Spa for many years. This company is recognised all over the world to be a great proposer and innovator in the sector of marble, onyx, granite and precious stones. Thanks to this collaboration they manage to suggest amazing solutions, from the very first stage of the process: design and selection of the material.

TB Marmi wants to make their craftsmanship experience and new technologies available to the end user, so that they could become his true “partner” in the project analysis phase, as well as in the technical and aesthetical consulting, the selection and the processing of the materials and the personal material supply and installation. Their achievements are only possible thanks to a constant collaboration with the customer, who is elegantly step by step supported during the hard path to the fulfilment of his needs and requests.

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