Treviso - Italy

The products of the TAO Tessile department stands out for its originality and the continuous innovation. And so, in 2005, the brand offers a new interpretation of technical blinds, revisiting the roller and panel blind in terms of design and prestige. With TAO, thanks to the fineness of the forms and extensive research of furnishings fabric, produced by the best Italian mills, the roller blind and curtain panel have become "objects of design." The innovation of TAO Tessile systems has been recognized by several international patents. The overlapping of blinds, which allows to cover the large glass windows without loss of light between the blinds is one of the examples. Also the innovative zip-system for changing the fabric blind, which allows to easily remove the fabric from the roller when needs maintenance, leaving the system installed. Innovation and design make the TAO style unique.

"Architecture planning is not simply technical, but also subjective and intuitive, a performance and a form of communication, creative and figurative art”. These words represent the inspiration principles of the TAO Design study centre which oversees the R&D across corporate divisions within the Group. Tao Design represents the brand concept which is at the heart of technical-stylistic development of all Everest productions.

Located in the heart of the Veneto region, Everest represents an industrial entity which places the ability to develop innovation central to its competitive challenge within international markets, not seen as simply a challenge between companies, but between Systems and Cultures. The Everest Group equally sees it fundamental to communicate the distinct value of Made in Italy, via its individual technology and TAO Design, supporting an industrial project which serves the purpose of securing economic growth, social and ethical development across all areas tackled.

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