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«Stocco is a well-established business in the bathroom furniture world. It went through the sector's evolution by turning inputs from the market into solutions with a strong identity that have left their mark. Stocco is catching the current wave leading towards the future by bearing in mind that times have changed. And that everything can and must change.» This is how Stocco MD Attilio Fior presents the development of the company's strategy with the introduction of the Tailormade Stocco brand. This is a positive and proactive vision with an eye to the future also in terms of opening up to new generations.

Stocco chooses a smart, bright, fast approach in terms of thought and action. He looks ahead: to the signs of something new, to changes, lifestyle and interior design trends. He designs new bathroom-wellness furniture systems to adapt to different functional and aesthetic needs.

«Looking ahead, whilst maintaining a fresh view of design is Stocco's natural approach. This is why we decided to focus on young people and created our Stocco Design Lab». With an 'open' team, Stocco can combine different approaches by blending experiences and perspectives from its creative, marketing, communications, design and production unit. This way we can develop forms of collaboration to seek and experiment with original, brand new solutions that stand out for their strong identity.

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