Venezia - Italy

Siru has its home on one of the islands in the Venetian Lagoon, a place that is between past and future, where the old and the new come together in the building of new forms. 

Siru is a modern, trend-setting company aiming to revitalise traditional local crafts, especially the making of Venetian lamps.

Their aim is to learn and keep alive the arts of the past at the same time as keeping an eye to the future. 

At Siru they are constantly trying to find a harmony between the classic and the modern, combining the elegance of the original form with the security of technology. In this way the principal essential spirit of these unique objects is preserved. 

They are designed to decorate and adorn living spaces, alive and glowing in their own light. The classic Venetian lamp is a perfectly sensuous object made by blowing glass into a framework of bent metal wires. The process is never repeated twice, making each lamp a unique and precious object.

This art has been handed down over the centuries by generations of craftsmen but, as with all traditions, they get lost with time until they are almost on the brink of disappearing.

 Increasingly scarce master craftsmen have kept alive the secrets of the art and Venetian lamps are now increasingly seen as very precious objects, suggestive and full of charm. Siru is now recuperating these sensations.

Thanks to a long and wide and experience in the field Siru can also make personalised models, including designs to customer specification for the decoration and lighting of hotels, restaurants and shops.

Products will be available soon. In the meantime contact your Personal Assistant for a quote or more info.

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