Biella - Italy

Serralunga was founded in Biella in 1825. Serralunga is the name of the family that has been the creative and entrepreneurial heart of the company for six generations, manufacturing modern outdoor furniture. The company was started as a tannery and then moved into leather processing for industrial purposes. The real revolution arrived with the processing of plastic and then with the rotational moulding technique imported from the U.S.A., which gave origin to countless Italian design objects, such as outdoor lighting and contemporary furniture, all made in Italy. The company has been based in the same place for almost two centuries. Its production is totally concentrated in Biella, Italy, in the street named after the Serralunga family, in a 12,000 m² plant, employing 65 members of staff and around the same amount in satellite activities. The plant processes over 1,200 tons of plastic and produces around 200,000 items a year.

With its passion for innovation, Serralunga is renowned for pushing the boundaries of materials, technologies and aesthetics in order to create groundbreaking products that both inspire and delight. The spirit of research and the passion for technology, together with the productive tradition, are the fundamentals of the brand Serralunga that, through original and valuable collections, celebrates the Design Made in Italy : reference point and trend setter in the field. The result is a combination of shapes and unique interpretations capable of transforming a purely functional object into a stunning piece of furniture making the Urban Outdoors also beautiful and comfortable as the Indoor Design. Choosing Serralunga means being able to recognize and appreciate originality.

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All Products Serralunga

Babà: Floor lamp in different finishings
Designer: Raffaella Mangiarotti & Marco Ravina
Babà Pendant: Suspension lamp in different finishings
Designer: Raffaella Mangiarotti & Marco Ravina
Babà Petite: Table/floor lamp in different finishings
Designer: Raffaella Mangiarotti & Marco Ravina
Flame: Outdoor lamp
Designer: Sebastian Bergne
Ming High with Light: Vase with light
Designer: Rodolfo Dordoni
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