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Luigi Sartori has been selling handmade carpets since 1882 thanks to the shop opened in Verona the same year. During the 1920s another shop was opened in Rovigo. During the 1950s, the modern carpet began to appear in the northern hemisphere and thus the company began to develop a designer carpet suitable for the Italian market. In the 1970s, Sartori began to import classic oriental carpets and after a while began to manufacture handmade modern designer carpets in countries such as Iran and Pakistan where hand-knotted carpets are a tradition spanning thousands of years.

At the start of the 21st century, production and sales reached such levels to require the commencement of a new business in China where it is possible to manufacture within a short time custom sized and customer designed carpets. These characteristics allowed the company to start its first contract work with handmade contemporary and designer carpets being delivered within 90 days.

In 2008, thanks to the collaboration with Diesel S.p.A., a completely new idea was spawned; the Vintage patchwork carpet where classic carpets are recycled and given new life by first bleaching them and then re-dyeing them using hues never seen before.

Karma Patchwork

Thanks to this product the company is meeting with huge success thanks also to the service it provides its customers. This is why Luigi Sartori has chosen to always have a large quantity, some 7,000 square metres of patchwork carpets always available in its Italian warehouses to be able to meet customer requirements within the shortest possible time and ready-to-deliver. Our carpets are made of wool and banana silk.

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