Rigato Casa

Padova - Italy

The Rigato Casa brand, created by Rigato Romano srl, was founded upon 30 years of experience in the leather producing sector. Its creation was driven by a deep commitment to the production of unique items for interior decoration. Over the many decades, during which the family business has been active in the leather market, they have acquired a vast array of skills which has allowed them to handle raw leather, using a variety of complex production techniques, that has enabled them to create a range of sophisticated and attractive products. As they are committed to obtaining first rate and consistently high quality results, the production mill is located in Italy.


The company employs Italian artisans who proudly use their skills to produce handmade products. The production process is overseen and tightly controlled to ensure that standards are strictly maintained. In fact, it is because production is centered in one location that Rigato Casa is able to guarantee the reliable supervision of their finished products. Rigato Casa wants to meet their costumers’ needs; they have therefore created the exclusive custom-made rugs so that they meet your demands! Furthermore, by working in collaboration with other certified industries, Rigato Casa is able to guarantee environmentally sustainable products, while also maintaining their high-quality.

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