Vicenza - Italy

Prandina is an Italian brand which started in the interior lighting design in 1982 in Bassano del Grappa and member of ADI - Industrial Design Association - since 2005. Since the outset, Prandina’s creative philosophy has fulfilled the criteria of simplicity and formal precision, functionality and long-lasting quality. R&D Oriented towards effective and recognisable lamps, Prandina believes in productive teamwork in synergy with established and emerging designers, breaking with current styles, fads and short- term trends.

Glam by Luc Ramael

Prandina puts all its efforts into working diligently to keep the highest possible quality level in its production. Traditional glass blowing methods are added to Prandina’s more modern procedures, to provide a qualitative advantage. Throughout its thirty years of activity, Prandina has explored the potential of glass, looking for new shapes to interpret in a contemporary way. A material that has traditionally been elected by the light, the man and the environment. According to this experience, Prandina pursues ideas and shapes fitting its philosophy, also with innovative techniques and materials, aiming to define simple, versatile and recognisable products.

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All Products Prandina

Ginger F50: Floor lamp ø420 mm H 1650 mm
Designer: Azzolin / Prandina R&D
Ginger T30: Table lamp ø360 mm H 600 mm
Designer: Azzolin / Prandina R&D
Guru S3: Suspended lamp ø630 mm H 84 mm
Designer: P. Kristian Pettersen
Paraph F3: Floor lamp L 665 mm H 1350 mm
Designer: Serge & Robert Cornelissen
Paraph T3: Table lamp L 665 mm H 510 mm
Designer: Serge & Robert Cornelissen
Zero S3: Suspended lamp ø280 mm H 180 mm
Designer: Mengotti / Prandina
Zero S5: Suspended lamp ø350 mm H 240 mm
Designer: Mengotti / Prandina
Zero S7: Suspended lamp ø450 mm H 300 mm
Designer: Mengotti / Prandina
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