Platinum Custom Rugs

Padova - Italy

The attention and the experience the Olivo family puts into each single product mean we can talk about true tailor-made products for the home. Any idea of serial production has been abandoned at Platinum Custom Rugs in favour of "Made to measure" products, as if each rug was designed purposely for the customer and their individual body shape. The Olivo family focuses in fact on the individual, with his/her own character, peculiarities and needs. No two people are identical and it is for thei reason that no rugs can be identical. This is partly due to the "hand made" concept of the rugs made by Platinum Custom Rugs, making them irreplaceable, and partly to the rich variety of patterns and details that can be modified to make each product exclusive.

All these aspects can be adapted for private customers and to create solutions for commercial spaces, such as shops, offices, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and wellness centres: while each of us has their own particular needs around the home, the same applies at collective level, allowing us to get more pelasure from common areas.

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Freedom: Rug 350 cm x 350 cm
Designer: Angela Baldin
Harmony: Rug 260 cm x 340 cm
Designer: Angela Baldin
Passion: Rug 240 cm x 300 cm
Designer: Angela Baldin
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