Ombrellificio Crema

Padova - Italy

The origin of Ombrellificio Crema goes back to the end of nineteenth century. From that time the firm has been run by the family. Ombrellificio Crema produces a wide range of sun umbrellas for professional use, besides a line of outdoor furnishing. The sun umbrellas they produce vary from professional beach umbrellas to maxi umbrellas used in the Ho.Re.Ca.. Their sales philosophy is to offer a wide range of measures, sizes and colours in order to personalise the products and make them rare examples. Especially when it comes to maxi umbrellas, thanks to advanced software, costumers can order tailor-made ones.

The company has strengthened its brand personality by making our products recognisable thanks to the attention to the packaging, the research in design and color match. All this allowed them to become a reference point for style and trend up to have a leading role in the beach sector in the last twenty years and in the maxi umbrellas sector in the last years.

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