Venezia - Italy

NOIDESIGN bright artifacts were generated by the creative ferment of Italian designers, who thanks to their experience, curiosity and design rationality, managed to transform mere objects of light into actual expressions of creativeness, functionality and uniqueness, able to transmit real emotions. The different shapes of the lamps are freely derived from natural elements, like crystals, sponges, corals, lichens, flowers and even joint structures of bird wings. NOIDESIGN, with the typical amazement of the curious people and its proven craft skills, took inspiration from this inexhaustible source of natural wonders to create new lamps which clearly highlight the ‘Made in Italy’ factor.


This was all possible thanks to the contribution, among others, of their new designer Vanessa, who with great enthusiasm has accepted the challenge of a market constantly looking for novelties, and has helped creating our catalogue by adding her own personal touch, the typical freshness of a young mind.

Vanessa’s educational background is based on linguistic and touristic studies, but she later decided to follow her creative nature, and after a first encouraging start with some technical drawings in 2013, she eventually transformed what was originally just a hobby into a professional choice.

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