Gorizia - Italy

Neod offers solutions integrating technology into the home furniture and design, in the contract hotel and nautical sectors, generating innovative future ready customised solutions. The target is to use technology as a resource to induce an emotional, functional and suggestive meaning to new lifestyles, through light effects and natural materials, bestowing a surreal atmosphere in the room for a pleasant, interactive living. With its range of products, Neod creates glass walls with integrated TV systems, in order to create stunning features in any room design.


In the furniture and design industry, technology often becomes the driving force able to exploit any transformation. For this reason Neod's mission is to use technology to produce products that express a combinations of functionality, quality, space optimisation, excellent sound and vision, in order to transmit emotions, harmony and luxury beauty.

Neod's splashback solution can be used in many ways. Designed and built with integrated TV, they are perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. Depending on your required glass size and complexity Neod works from technical drawings or a template to produce the glass splashback to fit your design. The splashback solutions are not limited to the kitchen or bathroom. Using this range, Neod can create entire walls of glass with integrated TV, in order to create stunning features in any room design.

Neod's splashback is custom tailored to your specifications so please contact for full details and pricing.

Products will be available soon. In the meantime contact your Personal Assistant for a quote or more info.

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