Mosaico Group

Venezia - Italy

Created in 1999 MosaicoGroup is today a real system integrator: a unique reality, which boasts an absolute leadership in the development of advanced technological solutions to simplify, strengthen and improve the experience of using all residential and commercial environments. Within MosaicoGroup the research for the most advanced technological solutions is a perfect balance with a design approach based on the best Made in Italy: rigorous and high technical expertise meets creativity and aesthetic culture.

New University Campus at ex Caserma Perrone, Novara, Italy

Technology to live: from home automation to home environment, with a strong commitment to the world of luxury home.

Functionality, reliability and security, in perfect harmony with the aesthetics of the environment. Their work teams interface with designers, architects and clients to translate their needs into solutions that integrate seamlessly with the aesthetic and design choices to bring out high components of customisation, to offer the client an incredibly rewarding experience.

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