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Mogg was born from the desire of its founder, the architect Nicola Galbiati. With a long experience in the world of furniture and design, the architect starts from where he had stopped. Art director but also skilled in framing it into a pragmatic view of business, always with the commitment and thin transverse pleasure to look forward. Curious by nature, he is fascinated from the understanding and the ahead of the times. The research is the true engine of its work, then the skill and knowledge in the field complete its expertise. Mogg Srl is a new furniture company, which opens its doors at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2012.

MObili (furniture) OGGetti (objects)

Graphic cuts opposed to curved lines, warm materials combined with those cold, dynamism and versatility characterize the production.

Objects soloists, families of complements, intense shades and soft shapes, all elements of strong character who know how to make their mark, with a marked propensity to become iconic, with a strong connotation of the details that make them distinctive.

Slogan, democratic design, stylish looks but open to all. Materials and finishes lift the shot. A minimalist design, but not too much, basic and without frills. The naturalness is the hallmark of Mogg when everything is studied in detail.

Notes cabinet by Claudio Bitetti

Mogg has a soul and a well-defined identity, fresh, curious who wants surprise you and herself, looking for people that with their visions ( crazy and dreamers), with their enthusiasm, their work and their perceptions to love the new and modern concept of living.

Mogg is synonymous with pieces, accessories and objects with a well recognisable, clean and re-cordabile design, which combine aesthetic emotion and functionality, in order to characterise with strong note but not too much spaces, and projects, both modern that bourgeois or even more classic. The products of this collection range over from the small padded pouf to the small metal tables, from wooden containers to the piece in solid wood, highlighting a common denominator of a very modernity thanks to the ability to take ideas, demands and tastes of a different customers with a marked sensibility to irony and research.

The result is a product that can satisfy the tastes, needs and budgets, where the exclusivity is not its cost but in its originality, and aware of a purchase of a unique product. Unique not only because is produced by limited edition but because is different from any other product already on the market.

Beam low table by Damien Gernay

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All Products Mogg

Amazzonio: Floor lamp H 170 cm
Designer: Marcantonio
Beam:  Low table in solid old wood
Designer: Damien Gernay
Beam: Side table in solid old wood
Designer: Damien Gernay
Briscola: Printed rug 180 cm x 300 cm
Designer: Studio Algoritmo
Cerberina: Floor lamp with 5 lights
Designer: Filippo Mambretti
Cerberina: Floor lamp with 3 lights
Designer: Filippo Mambretti
Hubertus: Wall mount couple of coat hooks
Designer: Filippo Mambretti
Memorie: Wall mirror with 4 hangers
Designer: Luca Somaini
Nest: Lounge chair in solid beech wood
Designer: Markus Johansson
Never Said: Printed rug 200 cm x 300 cm
Designer: Alessandra Baldereschi
Noon: Printed rug 200 cm x 300 cm
Designer: Alessandra Baldereschi
Ritratti: Cabinet W 120 cm D 47 cm H 165 cm
Designer: Marzia e Leo Dainelli
Ritratti: Sideboard W 215 cm D 52 cm H 75 cm
Designer: Marzia e Leo Dainelli
Sott'Archi: Floor lamp H 240 cm
Designer: Fabio Meliota
Tri.Be.Ca: Floor lamp with shelves and USB plug
Designer: Marzia e Leo Dainelli
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