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Maurizio Minacciolo, grew up in his father’s furniture business and has always been passionate about the industry. In the early 70s he decided to chase his dream of setting up a small company. His idea was to industrialise the manufacturing of country furniture in the ampezzo-tirol style which was highly fashionable at that time. In 1973 the first factory was built and Minacciolo, thanks to the increasingly positive response from the market, experienced rapid growth. And as a result in 1985 the new headquarters in San Biagio di Callalta were opened: a factory of 3,000 sqm, which has since been extended up to 12,000 sqm. As a result of the refined woodwork and the innovative furniture collections that were being sold, the Company was making headway and began to develop its commercial and distribution structure. In the 90s, the Company was already well established and recognised on a national level. It then became known on international markets for its high quality and innovative features.

Craftsmanship and design culture are values on which Minacciolo’s manufacturing continued to be based, in particular in the field of wooden furniture and furnishings to suit every room in the house.

An authentic “Made in Italy”, made even more exclusive by the use of eco-friendly materials and processes, used together with the most cutting-edge technologies took the company to international market leader position amongst furniture manufacturers for country style and contemporary. As well as a trend setter for brands it was once again market leader for the country chic style.

The high degree of coordination that is a feature in all of their furniture provides an endless number of various different solutions.

Every year Minacciolo updates their own products so they can guarantee cutting edge technology, thus offering components and household appliances that are up to date and tie in perfectly with the unique feel they have created.

Tinozza, three versions of design and tradition

Mammut, the flexible extractor hood

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