Meneghini Arredamenti

Vicenza - Italy

Founded back 1949 in the heart of the “Palladian province”, Meneghini Arredamenti produces exclusive quality furniture, focusing above all on items for the kitchen. Throught its many years in the business, it has strived to retain a craftsman’s approach to production whilst nonetheless being geared towards dynamism, flexibility, quality and the personalisation of individual products. A distinguishing feature remains its constant commitment to research: new ideas, new solutions, alternative high quality materials.

Its spirit is animated by the “will” to produce refined items of furniture, by the “passion” for meticulous crafting of each detail and by the “desire” to always manage to meet the customer’s demands.

The year 1995 is important for the company because it has renovated its production both in terms of technology, with the introduction of more and more advanced equipment, both from the aesthetic point of view, with the search for new models and trends .In recent years products are born with a great personality that will build the image of Meneghini as we know it today. In 2006 the company presents Meneghini Yacht Line, luxury brand to design and manufacture for kitchens specifically for yachts. Also in 2006, it started working for the design and the production of kitchens for the company IPE Cavalli Bologna for their new brand “ Visionnaire home Philosophy “ . This collaboration continues today again for the production of kitchens and also many complements furniture. 2015 is another important year for Meneghini with the introduction in its collection of new six families of kitchens: the new collections “Heritage”. Tailoring and innovation, style and research, give this collection a picture totally new and unique.

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