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It was in 1966 when Marioni first began designing and manufacturing lighting, furnishing accessories, sofas, armchairs, chairs and furniture, all entirely handmade. Established as a small pottery workshop by its founder Paolo Marioni, in a few years it turned into a solid manufacturing company whose products increasingly won over large market shares in Italy and in the world. Today Marioni is a modern and dynamic company providing international customers with high-quality furnishings, working with the best architects, interior designers and contractors to achieve - according to Made in Italy values - the most exclusive and elegant furnishing solutions. The manufacturing heart is in Florence, where the art of creating works unique in their refinement and inspiration is rooted in the Renaissance. All the collections avoid large-scale mass production and can be customised in shape and size. The fifty years of history behind Marioni are a guarantee for unique furnishing projects, skilfully combining modern design, craftsmanship, the careful selection of raw materials and attention to detail, expressing Italian-style luxury at its best.

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Though Marioni is a large-sized company, it is strongly characterised by a family approach whose sense of belonging has been preserved together with a spirit of devotion and commitment and the innate creativity of Tuscany. In Calenzano, near Florence, their able modellers, decorators and artists work with mastery and their collections, inspired by Italian history and culture, come to life surrounded by an environment of modernity and tradition, keeping unchanged their innate functional and aesthetic character.

Through a style that recalls the old Tuscan villas, Marioni has created a collection of simple but refined hand-made products that complement each other. A selection of pieces of furniture able to convey elegance, comfort and warmth. Marioni’s character and style are permeated by contemporary values that merge past, present and future in a timeless design. Now that a good percentage of the work world is based on custom-made products or contracts, only well prepared companies able to react effectively and promptly will remain on the market. Their Contract Dept. is very active and cooperates successfully with an increasing number of interior designers and architects for the development of articles that particularly suit for the renovation of hotels all over the world.

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