Ferrara - Italy

Linvisibile was created in 1994 out of the experience of Portarredo Srl, an Italian company founded in the early 80’s that specialises in manufacturing doors and locking systems featuring exclusive designs and materials. Portarredo distinguished itself from the very beginning thanks to the fully developed technological value of its products, and succeeded in earning a name with its brand at the top of the market of windows and doors. Through close collaboration with architects and engineers, Portarredo has developed products that look into the future of home living, anticipating market trends and needs. In the initial project, studies and researches were merged in order to propose personalised design configurations for architecture solutions aiming to satisfy demanding expectations, different tastes and a variety of lifestyles. Linvisibile was born from this project, arising as the first-ever trademark in Italy to manufacture doors and locking systems totally flush to the wall. This exclusive and patented “invisible system” eliminates the need for doorposts, frames or exposed hinges, providing our doors with perfect smooth opening and motion. This practical and innovative system found its inspiration in the objective of hiding and “masking” locks and openings in the walls; this is the fundamental concept of Linvisibile philosophy. In fact, Linvisibile system is the technological evolution of an old concept: dungeons. Doors that exist in perfect continuity with their setting, and were used throughout history to conceal from view, openings whose existence we shouldn’t be aware of.

Thanks to Linvisibile’s system, designers can set their imagination free, experiment and think outside the box. Shapes and dimensions are not a limit, but an opportunity. The product makes the most out of the bespoke concept. What others consider a limit, means creative wealth to Linvisibile.

For a long time Linvisibile was just about “invisible doors”, designed to be hidden inside the wall, but now it has evolved from this concept and reveals itself with special colours, essences and finishes, giving designers full freedom of combination. Now, innovative finishes and materials can be applied to the panels for rich and sumptuous decorations that will give a unique touch to every space.

Behind their work there’s a hidden Italian story of experience exclusive design. The precise technical know-how is masked by the apparent simplicity of the flush-to-wall door that, combined with a maximum level of “customisation”, allows fulfilling the most demanding aesthetical desires and functional expectations.

Linvisibile considers quality and scrupulousness in the choice of materials and working processes, essential elements for carrying out its operations.

In the last years and against market trends, the activity of the internal R&D department has led a constant growth, developing ideas and innovations able to achieve the highest expectations and many times, forecasting them.

Thanks to significant investments in human resources first, and technology after, Linvisibile’s R&D department is continuously studying new solutions, materials and innovative ideas.

Linvisibile products grow through the designers’ ideas: new locks, movements without noise, integration with home automation, customised finishes, more advanced ‘flatness’ effect, etc. These are just some of the latest features resulting from semi-robotic technology that, besides increasing their production capacity, further develops the system perfection and tightness.

Thanks to the know-how gained in the field over the years and our great on-site experience, Linvisibile system is being continuously improved and perfected.

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