Treviso - Italy

For over thirty years Leyform combines tradition, craftsmanship and experience to deliver a high quality product that meets the highest Italian and international standards. Thanks to the perfect combination of these elements, they are always able to meet all customer needs, offering the perfect product for every environment.

Thanks to their research they can involve, provide new projects, optimise the product performances new covers: such as quilted cover, woolen or Climatex®, contrast or tone-on-tone stiching among other proposals.

Leyform goal is continuing to develop products to fulfill the real and professional needs of all clients. Their thoughts, actions, behaviors and our products are the result of specific design choices and quality.

Research and innovation for the planning of eco-sustainable solutions to guarantee a product up with the times and easily disposable at the end of his life cycle.

Products will be available soon. In the meantime contact your Personal Assistant for a quote or more info.

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