Vicenza - Italy

In 1976 Lando Leopoldo began working in Rossano Veneto, in a small furniture business. Two years later the company "Lando Leopoldo S.n.c." was founded, which then became "Lando S.r.l." in 2000. The Company's roots are the production of traditional Umbria and Tuscany style furniture, inspired by a careful selection of original pieces from the antique markets, museums and antique shops of Italy. Faithful reproductions of the colours and fascinating vintage style are made, using the same construction methods, the same woods and the same craftsmanship of the past. A very precise style that today is still reflected in "Antiquariato", the Lando collection that continues this combination of art, skill and passion. In 1998, Lando's story, strongly characterised by the production of traditional furniture, meets modern expression and the company's expert carpentry skills discover the curiosity and creative research of famous designers. This gives rise to the CountryClub collection in 1999, the Gingerbread collection in 2005 designed by Paola Navone and the Nuova Falegnameria collection in 2006 again designed by Paola Navone. Today Leopoldo is assisted in company management by his sons Andrea and Giacomo, and together they still pursue a specific aim: to promote day after day the idea that beautiful living is, above all, "quality thought".

GB556 by Paola Navone

For more than thirty years Lando has been pursuing quality in all its aspects: quality materials, processes and designs. A global choice distinguishes the company, this global choice is what they like to call "Quality thought". This expression means that research, experience, passion, and dedication all go into the designing and producing of Lando furniture.

The company production centre is formed of an internal efficient joiner's workshop, a modern varnishing plant and a shipping department, where 35 highly specialised people work daily to give shape to this way of living, this "Quality thought" that is a part of each creation. Each piece of furniture immediately conveys this way of living, with excellent quality standards and that exclusive furnishing style that only Lando can design.

Territoriality, Materiality, Manuality: these concepts enclose the value of each piece of Lando furniture. Three precious contents which together represent the value and define the unique unmistakeable style of the company.

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