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Kriskadecor is a family-run company established in 1926. Kriskadecor metallic curtain was invented in Barcelona (Spain) to keep doors open during summer.

Kriskadecor create highly customised projects made with anodised aluminium links, a light and versatile material.

Continuously investing in innovation and characterised by a long term vision, they develeoped their own technology and machinery.

Still a family-run company with the third generation leading the company nowadays, the spirit of the grandfather and founder, Josep Maria Sans Amill, still remains and as he used to say: "There is nothing that can’t be done, one just has to find the way".

Kriskadecor offers a wide range of solutions for architects and interior designers: space dividers, wall coverings, ceilings, façades, lighting structures and special design projects.

The anodised aluminium link is the essence of it all: in the original version, Kriska, versatile and resistant, or the smaller one, Snina, for more defined and smart chain artworks.

Each project has their own personality, so Kriskadecor offers different density options - standard or half-drop - allowing architects and interior designers to materialise their ideas with the intensity they desire.

Both Kriska and Snina links come in many different intense hues in brillant and satin finishes, to create any combination desired.

Floral collection - Detail

Customisation is Kriskadecor’s most strong value. They develop projects based on colours, shapes and volumes following customers’ needs and desires. Thanks to their patented technology, they are able to reproduce images and patterns combining a wide range of colours in brilliant and satin finishes.

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