Padova - Italy

Jonix srl is an innovative start up that develops and manufactures devices for indoor air decontamination. Their products are developed and implemented in synergy with specialised production Italian companies.

Jonix Cube is the first product of company, an air purification device designed with technology of cold plasma, able to remove bacteria, moulds, viruses, pollutants and odours in the air. Cube creates ideal conditions for the body, giving people an improvement in their state of health, bringing relief from breathing difficulty symptoms to allergic and asthmatic people. Cube can be placed anywhere it's needed.

Particular attention was paid to the packaging: it must be sustainable and, above all, reusable. Entirely designed and handcrafted in natural fir wood, the Jonix Cube cover has been designed with a simple and elegant design, yet functional in order to be reused as a container. Alternatively, a recyclable cardboard packaging is available.

Jonix is also part of a social project for the reintegration in the workplace of people with mental illness.

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