Padova - Italy

Innova isn't a traditional furniture company. We aren't just the so-called good and beautiful made in Italy. From 1982 our strength is constantly growing, innovating, and learning with our costumers. Our universe is extremely connected with yours.

The beginning is: what do you need? Innova starts from there.

We produce contract made in Italy, from the drawing to the industrialisation. We work all over the world in a fast, dynamic and different way.

Nowadays, work employs the main part of our life. That’s why we love building projects and relationships with our partners. We are willing but selective. We work with passion and we expect that passion is mutual. Not all the customers can be Innova, we avoid the hit-and-run style.

Thanks to Livio, the founder, and then with Matteo and Marta, the old school tradition has met and embraced the new generation creating a new way to work.

More service, attention, dynamism and light-heartedness. The technology and the craftsman knowledge mixed together.

The certainty? A handmade product can be well realised in a lot of ways. Let’s find the right one together.

But this one is only a part of Innova because we also think in contract. What does it mean?

The real question is: what are you looking for? The client’s requests are our starting point.

The only way for us to identify the most critical aspect of a project – is it a question of time, budget, or design? – is to develop a solution, to delve into its practical realization and finally reach a product that respects deadlines, quality and costs: this is Think In Contract.

We also guarantee attentive post-production service, which is often the start of a new project.

Precise thinking means for us to create chairs, sofas, bar stools and headboards imagined by (and often with) our clients.

We do everything possible to be as welcoming and flexible as our products. We are as comfortable with big numbers as we are with small orders, whether we are dealing with a contractor or a small hotel, an architecture studio or an interior designer. Naturally, we are also an active subcontractor.

Products will be available soon. In the meantime contact your Personal Assistant for a quote or more info.

Any questions?