GD Dorigo

Treviso - Italy

GD DORIGO is today presenting the result of forty years of on-going investments aimed at improving the manufacturing environment, with special attention to the structures in which the processing lines and manufacturing of the finished product are housed. Every decision has been made in accordance with the use of engineered serial production, which, on a logistical and operational scale, is characterised by the wide use of conveyor belts and other mechanisms to transfer specific semifinished goods along the factory, arriving from time to time at stations where specialised workers carry out the necessary assembly work or simply check its progress along the line.

Design has always been one of the main strategic levers with which GD DORIGO displays its ability to distinguish itself in the world of manufacturers of internal doors. It all begins in a “Made in Italy laboratory” where new ideas take shape and construction experiments are carried out. From here they are transformed into successful doors like those developed with the contribution of leading designers such as GIUGIARO. Interaction with designers of international standing has consolidated the company’s leaning towards taste and style, which over time have become the fundamental cornerstones for the continuous development of the range. Technology and know-how regarding materials completes the picture and ensures the lab has a fundamental role to play in subsequent serial production processes.

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Orion 39: Hinged wooden door
Designer: GD Dorigo R&S
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