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Innovation does not happen without design. Design is a cornerstone, which boosts any company’s development. It affects the image a company projects of itself, the value of its brand. Ultimately, it creates business opportunities. For this reason, in order to create an object or to develop a project, you have to be able to create a sinergy of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production processes. This interaction is successful when the consumers are able to understand and value the uniqueness and exclusivity of an excellent finished product. Fit Interior’s experience, capability and project focus are at the service of creativity. They are tools in the hands of architects, interior designers, and clients, ensuring their concepts and ideas will carefully be turned into furniture, so as to match designers and clients’ expectations.

Hard Candy Repubblica in Milan, Italy

The making of a complex and diverse object or project, always entails the possibility of error. Therefore, it is crucial to create the right conditions to avoid mistakes in the first place, and to reduce and contain their effects, if they do occur. So, for the success of an idea, a project, or even a simple object, all the players involved (architects, technicians, craftsmen), must cooperate closely, to prevent errors. These players must work as a team, to achieve their common goal of a successful project. Because their success, will also be the client’s. The latter will be able to start or develop his business, with the confidence of one who knows he is standing on solid ground. With this goal in mind, Fit Interiors provides clients and architects with a turnkey service, based on expert advice, assistance, installation, and of course the in-house manufacturing of all the items needed to create the result.

Every country has its distinctive traits, which identify that country’s products and highlight its cultural characteristics. And Italy is renowned for its excellent product creativity and craftsmanship. And most definitely so, in the field of interior design. Fit Interiors has been active in this business for many years now, with its factory located in Longiano, Italy. Founded in 1978 as a general furniture manufacturer, the company then created a sales structure, and started marketing its products under the Fit Interiors brand. Today, it is a leading brand in health club and spa decoration, and more generally, in reception area and changing room furniture for hotels, corporate, clinics/hospitals, schools/universities. Their mission is to spread Italian design and production excellence everywhere possible, with specific focus on customisation and personalisation.

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