Vicenza - Italy

Estel was founded by Alfredo Stella in the 1930s. The company interpreted the best definition of wardrobes and containers for the new home interiors of Italian families. All his projects continuously prove the flexibility, the capacity of dialogue and adjustment that Estel show with the most important customers.

Niemeyer by Oscar Niemeyer

Estel does not give up its core business by proposing high-performing products signed by famous Designersamong whom: the master Oscar Niemeyer with his table designed for Estel in 1985, Jorge Pensi with the collection Embrace, Karim Rashid with the Bloob table and stools, Ross Lovergrove with the Landscape table and chairs, Patrick Norguet with the Tori table, Alessandro Scandurra with the Terra table and others, Ora Ito with the upholstered Dune, Stefano Gallizioli with the new upholstered Dolly and many other designers.

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