Pordenone - Italy

All Edoné items are totally produced in Italy respecting environmental rules and are submitted to strict quality controls: from their arrival at the company premises until the loadeding for the shipping. These controls grant integrity as well as accuracy on the ordered dimensions. Edoné always carefully searching for high quality standards, for the best raw materials, for the constant innovation of the whole production cycle, has decided to be a totally “made in Italy” oriented company. In fact, Edoné products are completely designed, created and realized inside the company allowing the control of all the production phases: consequently, it is possible to grant an high quality level and an entire customization of final product too.

Chrono collection by Marco Bortolin

Edoné has revalued an old technique used for the finishing touch of its products: the handmade manufacturing based on the use of a cloth. This operation could be carried out on all the items which are available in lacquered oak and tranché oak. This totally handcrafted operation represents a fundamental plus for the final items.

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