Vicenza - Italy

Ecotono is proud to be born in Nove. Nove is one of the most important place in which ceramic is produced. The first factories arose along the small river Roggia Isacchina, which passes through the heart of Nove, and along which there are two important mills that were used for the preparation of the ceramic dough. Thank to this deep culture in which it lives, Ecotono had the opportunity to develop its collection, which brings the ceramic tradition next to the modern needs.

Ecotono brothers always warmly remembers the hours their mother was used to spend in the factory, unfailingly working with paint brushes and packagings, togheter with theri father who was heading up everything with the strongest commitment. Growing up with this images, after the university, they decided to keep this 30 years old society, which was their parents’ greatest passion, but looking to the future and to the newest needs which were changing during the years. They started to reorganize the society, changing the assortments and the collections. Italy seemed too small, so they decided to attend to some international fairs, opening their minds to Europe and to the world and then they began to see some good results.

In that moment Ecotono was born, from their need to give to some design products the possibility to improve.

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