Monza e Brianza - Italy

Stilla appears within the panorama of young Italian companies that promise positive growth paths. The company works to the creation and production of glass shower enclosures destined to the most precious bathroom environments. Four experts of the industry gave life to Stilla. Their background shows years of work in Cesana, the undisputed European leader of high range shower enclosures until the early 2000s when, with the onset of the global recession, it has fallen into a deep company crisis. The end of this journey marked Stilla’s birth. Here the founders have combined their passion for the industry and the diverse skills acquired through years of work in the field.

Excellent products, designed and manufactured in the wake of know-how and pleasure for excellence, stand out from a crowd that, to date, still chase the price at the expense of quality. And quality represents the first step of a path of continous growth. The most modern techniques of production, great attention to materials and expert manufacturing art have allowed Stilla to become a spokesman of the industrialized craftmanship in a short time. This aspect has generated great success and it has allowed Stilla to start a fruitful path: thanks to these positive results Stilla, although very young, has succeeded in the important step to take in his hands the Cesana brand, acquiring all its know-how, history, projects, models and technology. Stilla takes the guise of spokesman of the daily wellbeing need, reviewing the weight of the bathroom inside the contemporary house: here it focuses the need for spaces dedicated to the self care and the company steps in with refined and innovative solutions.

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