Verona - Italy

A company with a unique style: the old Italian tradition lives again in a line of furniture and refined luxury. These are the items that speak of Cavio: the art of interpreting the classic taste, craft art inspired by the atmosphere of the wonderful Venezia, yet in a special key, new, smelling of culture and elegance, also obtained through high quality, luxury materials. Taste of timeless beauty, to create shapes that evoke -day after day- the joy of harmony and love for the furniture in all its infinite facets. A passion that lives again in the selection of rare woods and in a style that enhances the Made in Italy and remarks the company dedication.

Cavio offers luxurious atmosphere that knows of history and elegance, prestigious, refined taste but also comfortable and nice feeling. The pleasure and the elegance of the "Dolce Vita" are molded in elements able to create soft atmosphere, where we do enjoy furniture “state of the art” and we really feel welcome home.

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