Treviso - Italy

Capo d'Opera was founded in 1992 as a company specialised in the production of home furniture and subsequently contract. The keystone of most of its products is the extremely careful artisanal attention to detail and decoration. The collection is based on full and empty volumes, where the line between art and design is really thin thanks to its extraordinary characteristics, and it includes tables and beds, containers and libraries, wardrobes, various types of mirrors and accessories.

Centotrentacinque by Alessio Bassan and Silvano Pierdonà

Capo d'Opera is unique and original because all the products can be customised choosing from the many textures, colours and finishes of the rich "Surfaces collection" with 3D effects, natural or geometric patterns with gold, silver and bronze leaf finishes, resin castings, abrasions, incisions in the wood and also Corian®.

The Only One by Alessio Bassan and Silvano Pierdonà with Timeless texture

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