Brescia - Italy

Founded in 1993 in Nave, in the province of Brescia, Co.Ge.Fin was a producer of designer radiators, towel warmers and bio-fireplaces with the Caleido brand: 'Caleido Fine Design - the collection of designer radiators' and 'Caleido Fire Design - the collection of bio-fireplaces'. Caleido still lives in close contact with the territory where the company was founded, rich in traditions, as well as in an ancient culture related to iron, and we are aware of how much that has contributed to our growth. Although representing a reality projected on the international scene, Caleido has invested a lot about its nature of enterprise 'on a human scale'. For this reason, skilled artisan hands give added value to all production processes - even mass-production - and to all the Caleido products: technological innovation combined with craftsmanship in the production lead to manufacturing excellence and fulfil to the need to stand out, typical of the Made in Italy.

Cut Horizontal by Alessandro Canepa

In 2004, the company faced the most decisive change of course of its history and presented the 'Fine Design' catalog, an exclusive collection of innovative products, enriched and renewed every year with the help of international designers, such as Francesco Lucchese, Karim Rashid, James Di Marco, Alessandro Canepa, Gabriele Bavastrelli, Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri and Antonio Bullo. To give birth to the most beautiful and exciting atmospheres, Caleido expanded its production, introducing, with the 2011 'Fire Design Collection', a line of indoor and outdoor bio-fireplaces, characterized by innovative shapes and the combination of different, but complementary, materials, from steel to cement, from solid wood to stone.

Nerone by James Di Marco

The Caleido bio-fireplaces - some of which TUV Sud-certified - are real pieces of furniture with innovative design, suitable for every environment of the house and powered by a modern source of renewable energy, bio-ethanol. After almost 20 years of investment and steady growth, today the Caleido brand is present in more than 50 countries worldwide, through a network of selected dealers, with the purpose of approaching new markets and continue the process of international expansion.

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