Modena - Italy

Leaders in marble inlays, Budri has half a century of experience in working exclusive marbles and semi-precious stones. Over the years the company has gradually acquired in-depth expertise based on the skilful combination of consummate craftsmanship, excellent production capacity and cutting-edge technology, staying true to the finest traditions whilst innovating constantly in an elegant union of Italian style, taste and culture. Exceptional technical expertise, painstaking eye for detail, systematic organisation of the work, specialized laying teams employed in complex large-scale projects, together with flashes of inspiration and notable interpretation ability, have contributed to establishing Budri’s strong reputation as an “engraver” of stone and its leading role in the global inlay sector. From the imposing mosque of Abu Dhabi to collaborations with luxury high fashion and jewellery brands, every project is a chance for Budri to create a unique and valuable work of art. Budri has always worked with architects and designers, supporting them in their luxury building projects as an expert partner in all development phases and at the high-quality production stage. Indeed, all production takes place in Italy with final testing and pre-assembly at the Budri plant in order to examine and verify the perfection of each work. Budri’s major international projects adhere to two main stylistic approaches: the more classical approach, revisiting the legacies passed down by inlayers and mosaicists of times gone by, and a more contemporary approach that has led to important style and design innovations, to an eclectic creativity inspired by international designers.

Budri makes its contribution to Italian art and culture, to beauty and craftsmanship, extolling the mimetic and versatile nature of marble and stone and celebrating all of their wonderful colours.

Budri’s creations and inlays are the result of symbiosis with architects and designers, vibrant and intense exchanges of reciprocal expertise. Budri offers designers the benefit of its distinctive experience, providing consultancy and assistance from the first phases of the development of the project through to the final laying phase. Marbles and finishes are chosen together with the architect and, thanks to the design department, specialised in identifying the most suitable finishing, it is possible to precisely transpose every idea onto the stone, irrespective of the nature of the project or its technical complexity. Budri seeks to transmit to the design world the intenseness of natural stone, its expressiveness, its rich colours, the idea that it is a source of infinite inspiration and versatile and malleable like never before.

Hands that work, cut and compose with the utmost precision. Hands that polish and refine, moved by passion and their in-depth understanding of marble and stone, with the elegant sensibility typical of fine craftsmen. Inlays and mosaics have been part of Italy’s cultural heritage since time immemorial and Budri’s works are the result of centuries of tradition combined with the most modern technologies and cutting-edge equipment. During the processing phases every thought and action is constantly geared towards excellence and perfection, every minimal detail closely studied to interpret and reflect the profound essence of the project.

Budri leaves nothing to chance: marble inlay projects are always born and brought to completion through constant supervision of every stage in the process. Testing in their facility is one of the most important phases of the entire cycle. The individual pieces that are to make up the marble inlaid floor are first individually hand ground, then glued to the substrate, grouted in a matching shade, polished and then sealed on the underside. The entire marble inlay floor is laid in their workshops, to check that the pattern, workmanship and colour effects are all absolutely perfect. Every detail is carefully inspected and undergoes quality control. The puzzle-like preassembly technique, together with the assembly diagrams they supply, ensure that the people who actually lay the floor will have a simple task, with no risk of mistakes. The material is then packed in special, high-protection wooden crates, with anti-tipping bars, specially designed for long-distance transport.

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