Alpes Inox

Vicenza - Italy

Founded in 1954 by Nico Moretto, who has headed the company ever since and designed all its products, Alpes Inox began its operation with the manufacture of metal cabinets for the kitchen. In 1964 it started producing built-in kitchen appliances made of stainless steel: sinks, hobs, ovens and exhaust hoods. The company soon gained a distinguished reputation for the high technical and quality standards of its products, their sophisticated design and the accurate machining of steel, a high quality material characterized by its stainless, hygienic and resistant properties, whose 19/10 chrome-nickel alloy and special finish determine its exclusive “silver” colouring. The basic qualities that characterize the Alpes products are quality, functionality, safety.

The projects that have won the award over the more than fifty-years of the Compasso d’Oro also include the Flip-Up Hob designed by Domenico Moretto, which has become part of the Historic Collection of ADI’s Compasso d’Oro Awards, along with an Honourable Mention for the Electronic Extractor System. The citation reads as follows:

“Its cutting-edge materials and technologies embody the classical principle that it is the responsibility of design to make life easier for the people who use these objects: the easy-to-clean grill-burner complex (that can also go in the dishwasher) and the way the entire appliance flips up from the work top create new qualities in terms of economy of space, domestic hygiene, and user comfort, without abandoning a typically traditional configuration”.

The Compasso d’Oro award is conferred on the basis of a pre-selection made by ADI’s Permanent Observatory of Design, a commission of experts, designers, critics, historians and journalists specialised in the field, who are members of ADI or independent, who are all involved in constantly gathering information, year after year, and in assessing and selecting the best products, which are then published in the annual ADI Design Index.

Flip-Up hob by Domenico Moretto

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