2.8 Design for Dogs

Padova - Italy

Our pups bring us together. At the park, out and about in the city, when we travel around the world. 2.8 design for dogs was born out of love for our furry friends. Anna, professional photographer and devoted dog-lover, was looking for the right accessories to match her home interiors, as well as her stylish dogs, Quintale and Hermione. Margherita, an experienced product developer, was always exploring new ways to put her vast knowledge of textiles and manufacturing processes to use. Along with her inseparable Fox Terrier Olivia, she started working on the right material. Together they created a line of products for dogs that fits every interior harmoniously: beautiful objects that furnish and enhance the style of any kind of indoor spaces. Their mutual creativity and fondness for high-quality design became the foundations of 2.8 design for dogs.

When your inspiration comes from one of the most beautiful places in the world, it’s difficult to go wrong.

The pulsating heart of 2.8 design for dogs is in Tuscany: this captivating land - vibrant with spirit, art and history – possesses an outstanding legacy of handmade manufacturing and craftsmanship. It was only natural to choose it as the centre of our production.

Our country, however, is full of so many other artisanal traditions: that’s why we are incredibly proud to say that all our products and materials are made in Italy.

Because we believe Made in Italy to be far more than just a label. It’s an idea of beauty, elegance, craftsmanship and quality.

Here at 2.8 design for dogs, Made in Italy is a lifestyle and a choice.

Each product of 2.8 design for dogs is the result of hours of research and artisanal handmade work. Having our articles completely made in Tuscany means employing the best craftsmen and choosing the best techniques and materials.

This ensures the highest quality and the best performing textiles, because we create products that are above all practical and dog-friendly: our pets’ well-being is our primary intention. All items are washable, removable and fully guaranteed. Easy to clean and available with spare linings, they are made to be used and enjoyed by all dogs.

The materials we use are unrefined and environmentally friendly: their own variations highlight the naturalness of the fabric, as well as the value of handmade manufacturing.

2.8 design for dogs chose to implement certified B Corporation standards of responsibility, performance and transparency. We believe in preserving the long-lasting traditions and values of our community and territory, as well as making our own contribution to a better and greener world for everyone. Especially for our furry friends.

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