Padova - Italy

Anna, Fashion Photographer, has positioned her camera. The lights are ready, the lens is set, diaphgram opening two-point-eight. Margherita, lifelong friend and Art Buyer, has carefully positioned the final object to be photographed. But their inseparable friends, Quintale, a wire-haired Dachshund, and Gaddo, a friendly fox terrier, methodically disrupt the set while playing. Their presence, has always been a constant for a collection of beds and other items for their four-legged friends! And so “duepuntootto-aware of the dog” was born. Offering minimal design items made with eco-materials and somber forms, to make the lives of our animal friends even more enjoyable.

2.8 focuses only on what is dear to us both. 2.8 is aware of the dog.

2.8 is a range of beds, bags and accessories for dogs and their owners. A perfect blend of design and functionality, elegance and practicality. They fit modern and classical tastes and blend into both elegant and refined living spaces. The materials are washable and environmentally sustainable [canvas, wool, cellulose, jute]; kind on your dog and pleasing to the eye of their human friends. Products are aimed at the mid-high range, at affordable prices.

The products are 100% made in Tuscany. 

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